Inclusive Innovation Initiative

A Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID) based academic-community partnership

(coming spring 2024)

Featured Program:


Rallying faculty, staff, and students to support community innovators in transforming what matters to them.

Featured Program:

Open Source Harbor

Creating a community that supports and advances the principles of open-source collaboration, making technology more inclusive and innovative for all.

Featured Program:

Healthtech Bunker

Uniting clinicians, researchers, and community innovators to Spark and deploy ingenious support for servicemembers, veterans, and their families. (Summer 2024)

Featured Partners

Welcome from the Managing Director

Adler Archer, J.D.

    Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic innovation ecosystem through STEM, enabling everyone to unlock their creative potential and drive impactful change locally and globally. Dedicated to removing barriers to creativity, we aim to empower individuals for a brighter, inclusive future.

    Adler Archer, J.D.

    Managing Director and Biomedical Scientist

      About Us

      The Johns Hopkins Inclusive Innovation Initiative (i3) is an academic-community partnership based in the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID). Our core mission revolves around mobilizing the resources of Johns Hopkins University, including its faculty, staff, and students, along with counterparts from other academic institutions, to actively engage with and support local communities. These vibrant partnerships fuel i3, allowing us to jointly develop impactful projects and programs that contribute to the growth and enrichment of diverse communities. Join us, won’t you? Please email for more information.

      Our Team

      Adler Archer, JD

      Managing Director

      Inclusive Innovation Initiative

      Linda Durnell, PhD

      Director, iVR Lab

      Adjunct Associate Research Scientist

      Youseph Yazdi, PhD

      Senior Advisor, Innovation & Impact

      Executive Director, CBID

      Harold Lehmann, MD, PhD

      Special Advisor, Biomedical Informatics

      Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

      Lindsay Thompson, PhD

      Senior Advisor, Livable Communities

      Professor, Carey Business School

      Alisha Sparks, MS

      Special Advisor, STEM Outreach

      Interim Executive Director, JHU Center for Education Outreach

      Darlene Saporu, PhD

      Senior Advisor, Inclusive Excellence

      Assistant Dean for DEI @ WSE

      Rick Milter, PhD

      Co-Director, Baltimore COLLAB

      Professor, Carey Business School

      Affiliated Researchers

      Brandon Birkhead, MD,


      Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

      Amy Haufler, PhD

      Sr Human Machine Scientist

      Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

      Luis Quintero, PhD

      Assistant Professor

      Carey Business School

      Max Ghenis, MS

      Co-founder and CEO

      Policy Engine

      Mac McComas, MA

      Senior Program Manager

      21st Century Cities

      Jonathan Moore


      Rowdy Orbit

      James Calvin, PhD


      Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

      Suntae Kim, PhD

      Assistant Professor

      Carey Business School

      Youssef Abubaker, MS

      Data Scientist

      Federal Government

      Pamela Isom, MISM

      Founder & CEO

      IsAdvice & Consulting

      Leigh McCormack, MS

      Co-Founder & CEO

      Platypus Health

      Justin English

      Research Program Assistant

      Johns Hopkins University

      Kai Ding, PhD, MBA

      Associate Professor

      Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

      Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, PhD

      Associate Professor

      Carey Business School

      Yolanda Christophe, MBA


      Morgan State University

      Tonee Lawson, MS

      Founder & Executive Director

      The Be. Org

      Anthony Evans

      Senior Communications Specialist

      Shelby Forbes, PhD 

      Department of Social Medicine

      University of North Carolina

      Clara FangFang Ma, PhD

      Adjunct Instructor

      Carey Business School

      Seydina Falls, MBA

      Senior Lecturer

      Carey Business School

      Debrorah Lee, MS

      Director of Special Projects

      Massachusetts General Hospital

      Brianna Gist

      Faculty Research Specialist

      Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS)